Asmee Foundation

All donations towards Asmee Foundation are exempted under section 80G Income Tax Act 1961 of India.

Asmee Foundation

About Us

Asmee Foundation is a non government organization (NGO) registered under Indian Trust Act 1882, which is dedicated to:

1. Provide basic education to underprivileged kids under the banner of Asmee Shiksha Kendra, who are constrained by resources but their talent and urge to study is by no means constrained, which also reflects in their growth in early days.

2. Focuses on the Women Empowerment & gives skills to women & grown up children from humble background, who could not get their elementary education in early age and now are not inclined to elementary education, by giving them skills training under the banner of Asmee Kaushal Vikas Kendra like mehandi, stitching, artificial jewellery making (for women /girls) and mobile repairing, hardware repairing (for boys).

3. Create awareness about various health issues like menstrual hygiene, healthy eyes, oral hygiene among communities at high risk of health issues under the banner of Asmee Swasthya Sewayein.

Additionally, in order to keep our environment clean and free from plastic menace, “Say No To Plastic” initiative was launched in 2020. Under this initiative various activities are carried out to not only create awareness about but also to actually reduce and refuse the usage of plastic in our lives and wherever we can’t avoid using plastic, awareness around recycling the used plastic is created among masses. 

To be able to provide these services, Asmee Foundation is fortunate to have network of many dedicated volunteers, who come from various walks of life including but not limiting to IT Professionals, Media Professionals, Corporate Professionals, PhDs, MBAs, CAs, Civil Servants, Bankers, Consultants and many others who bring their experiences, expertise and perspectives to the foundation’s initiatives. What unifies them is the common goal of “Shreshtha Bharat”.

Asmee Foundation’s mission is to improve quality of life and outcomes for underprivileged section of our society to ensure that everyone is able to fulfill his/her own dreams by exploring the unique potential he/she has irrespective of his or her circumstances. Hence the name “ASMEE” that stands for the self respect and courage of an individual, the foundation is associated with, while they are facing the challenges of life to make it meaningful for themselves and their families. Our sole objective is to ensure that these people are able to live a life free from exploitation and are capable of managing emotional and financial life crises.